Gun Violence in the USA and Second Amendment Rights

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一、讲座主题:    Gun Violence in the USA and Second Amendment Rights

二、主讲人:       Krenitsky Joseph    美国纽约州立大学法学院教授

三、讲座时间:    2018年6月7日15:00-17:30

四、讲座地点:    华中科技大学法学院东四楼 103 会议室


Krenitsky Joseph是美国纽约州立大学法学院教授,具有三十五年执业律师从业经验,尤其在合同法、侵权损害赔偿、劳动职业伤害赔偿诉讼领域具有丰富的实务经验,立足于本人代理的案件,为法律硕士专业学位硕士研究生传授法律实践经验,同时也能极大地开阔学生的视野。

Mr.Krenitsky is a 1978 honors graduate of LeMoyne College with a B.A. cum laude in History. He also studied Political Science and Philosophy at LeMoyne. He went on to graduate from SUNY at Buffalo Faculty of Law and Jurisprudence in 1graduating with honors from UB law cum laude. He took and passed the New York State Bar Exam that same year and has been practicing law ever since.

     Mr.Krenitsky has maintained an active trail practice representing insurance corporations, bussinesses, and private individuals in personal injury lawsuits. He has been a lawyer for over twenty-six years and is admitted to practice nd represent clients in all New York State trial courts as well as Federal District Court. In 2003, Mr.Krenitsky received the honor and privilege of being a member of a select group of lawyers to practice and appear before the United States Supreme Court.

      Mr.Krenitsky taught law at the college level part-time for seventeen years before being offered a full-time faculty position. Mr.Krenitsky now teaches full time and maintaines an active part-time practice of law representing individual clients in civil suits.

     Mr.Krenitsky has co-authored and published papers and articles on variety of topics of the law in New York State. He is a member of most State and Local trial attorney groups and organizations. He is on the Erie County Bar Association public speaking committee and often is asked to lecture on topics such as the Us Constitution, the US and New York State Court Systems and Jury Trial Practice and Procedure.

     Mr.Krenitsky is currently serving as a founding member and President of the Eagle Scout Alumni Association, a community service, not-for-profit organization.